RHS Class of 1953

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E-mail Addresses

Sharon (Baker) Smith
William Boyd
Marilyn (Colliflower) Alton
Edie (Cork) Feiste
Harry Crozier
Richard Foringer
Mary Kay (Hill) Bayus
Bob Hutchens
Harry Latshaw
Tracy Lewis
Merle (Lloyd) Cochran
Juanita (Mefford) Bell
Jane (Miller) Fisher

Juanita (Newman) Fox
Eleanor (Parker) Laswell
Carolyn (Rooney) Connelly
Norman "Bud" Sechrest
David Seligman
Lynda (Sinclair) Murphy
Richard Southard
Shirley (Sydnor) Schaefer
Shirley (Tipton) Bandy
Carol Lee (Wagner) Newlin
Shirley (Wesner) Rich
Larry and Anne (Wesner) Wiseman
Doris Anne (Woodard) Eden