Robinson High School Class of 1962

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Reunion Pictures

On Friday Night, Dick and Jenny Van Treese Hosted a Cookout for the Class.

Chef Dick takes a break.

Chef Dick tends the grill.

Mike Connor Becky McNary Hank Graves Rick and Kay

Mike Connor, Becky McNary, Hank Graves, Rick and Kay Tilton  Floyd


Patty Hawkins Fletcher, Earlene Crouch James, Edeen Smith Bales, Judy Paddock  Berger

Greg Connett Larry Patten Mike Connor Hank Graves

Greg Connett, Larry Patten, Mike Connor, Hank Graves

Jody Moore Jennie Van Treese Susie Reinoehl

Jo Moore Palmer, Jenny Jones Van Treese, Susie Reinoehl Sutfin

Judy Paddock Patty Hawkins Edeen Smith

Judy Paddock Berger, Patty Hawkins Fletcher, Edeen Smith Bales

George Berger digs in

George Berger digs in

John and Irma Loser Davis

John and Irma Loser Davis